Koottala Gramam
  Vedios from 4th to 6th May 2008
                        Dear Members,
 A word before you start watching vedios below. In each and every vedio, there are many other interesting vedios embedded inside. To view the available, just press the triangle at bottom right corner of each screen. You will see a rectangular box above the triangle. Press that rectangle holding shift key or control key.- select the picture and press. You will go to that one immediately. Keep watching and enjoy music. So there are more than 60 vedios to watch now! Will be increased to another 50 or 100 soon.
           Felicitation to priests starts on 1st   
                       day - Watch vedio

        On May 4th starting day of   Kumbhabhishekam-Vedaparayanam

     On May 7th at Koottalai   
     Kumbhabhishekam - Morning 
     hours prior to Kumbhabhishekam -     
      Watch vedio

      Panchavadyam inside temple on  
      May 7th Kumbhabhishekam - 
      Watch vedio
      Milk Anointment to Lord prior to Ashta
      Bhandanam (After that watch inside Shiva Linga, Hanuman(Trinidad), Iyyappa, Tiruppathi Venkatachalapathi abishekam etc.also

       GoPooja  prior to Kumbhabhishekam   
       on 4th May 2008
       On 5th May 2008 programme starts
        Vedaparayanam (After that watch native
         American spiritual music etc. in the same.

         Jaladhivasam on 6th May Prior to 

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